Owl, you’re delicious!

“Who… Who-bakes-for-you… who-bakes-for-you-all?”

This weekend we had a special visitor, Turner the kindergarten class pet. He is a cuddly, lovable owl that each student gets to bring home, take care of and journal about. I wanted to make it a special weekend for the kiddo and our adopted feathered friend so in addition to a trip through the car wash and dinner out, we made owl cookies to commemorate his visit.

I used a standard sugar cookie recipe for the dough. After forming 24 uniform balls, we dipped the flat bottom of a glass in granulated sugar and pressed down on each cookie ball unitl the dough was 1/4 inch thick. With the remaining dough, we rolled 48 uniform balls for the eyes and placed a choclate chip in each one. To make the feet, we pressed a fork into the bottom of each cookie. To make the wings, we pressd a soup spoon onto each side of the raw dough. For the beak, we used pieces of pecans.

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