Friends of KERNgirl

Peck-Kalabokis Studios is a wife [painter] and husband [illustrator] studio located in at Western Avenue Studios. Bethany Peck Kalabokis has a BFA  from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. Her primary focus is in landscape and figurative oil paintings. Peter Kalabokis is also a graduate from Montserrat College of Art. An Illustrator since 1989, his clients have included Adirondack Life, Byte Magazine, and Sun Expert Magazine. Peter primarily uses watercolors with pen and ink as his main medium, as well as computer imaging.

Jewelry designer Regina McGearty loves to find the beauty in objects and make them sparkle! She is continually trying new Art genres and though her heart remains with jewelry, she has currently found a new passion for Encaustic painting and pouring small batch 100% soy candles in limited edition sets. Walk On The Moon‘s unique items are sold in several shops & galleries, both locally & throughout the US.

Cat lover Liz Stewart found jewelry making after a nine-year career in the tech industry. In 2004 she opened Lowell’s first bead shop in the heart of downtown. In 2012, she started adding hardware to her designs. The self-taught jewelry artist closed her bead shop in 2013 and is know for her line of morse code jewelry. The majority of Lush Industrial‘s unique and funky jewelry is made with stainless steel. She also repairs repair broken beaded jewelry.

Raised by parents with a true Yankee ‘can-do’ attitude, woodworker John Welch learned early to rely on his own two hands to make what needed to be made and to fix what needed fixing. An avid cook, John’s love for woodcarving began when he decided to carve a spoon. Since 2013, John has been carving spoons, candle holders, housewares, cutting and serving boards, pasta molds, and other decorative wares.

At Western Avenue Studios you will find 2 buildings, six floors and over 200 studios filled with artists working in all disciplines, media and styles. The studios are located in a brick mill building at 122 Western Avenue in Lowell, Massachusetts, near the heart of downtown.


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