Paper Butterflies

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions

recycle a sales catalog

Step 1) Gather Your Supplies

You will need a sales catalog or magazine, scissors or an x-acto knife, craft wire, wire cutters, and pliers.

cut rectangles

Step 2) Cut The Catalog

Flip through the catalog and have your kiddo select the most colorful and vivid pages. Then cut those pages into 2 different sized rectangles. You can make them any size you like. Large rectangles will result in large butterflies.

fold the rectangles

Step 3) Fold the Paper

Have your kid help you accordion fold your paper rectangles. To make butterflies, fold the paper along the short edge, for dragonflies fold along the long edge.

butterfly wings

Step 4) Make Wings

Once your rectangles have been folded, you will need to fold them in half.  Next, have your little one, pair two wings together, one slightly larger than the other.

bend the antennae

Step 5) Antennae

Cut a 2-3 inch piece of craft wire for each bug you plan on making. Using the pliers, twist the ends of the wire to form small loops. Then bend the wire in half creating a loop in the center.

attach the wire

Step 6) Tie it All Together

Next, hold your two wings together, the outside center of the folds touching. Hold an 8 inch piece of craft wire behind the wings and bend it. Slide the antennae on the wire and position it at the top of the head. Don’t forget to make sure the larger wing is at the top. Continue to bend the wire around the wings until secure. Leave a long piece of the
wire sticking out at the bottom of the butterfly. Use this to
stick your bug into your favorite potted plant or vase. If making
a dragon fly, loop the wire to form an elongated oval. Pinch the
oval to form the bug’s body.

spread their wings

Step 7) Prepare for Flight

Once your butterfly has been tied together with craft wire, it will need a few adjustments before it is ready for its debut flight. Gently separate the wings, opening the folds so that the wing shape more closely resembles that of a real butterfly.

Step 8) Plant Your Garden!

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