Princess Leia & Chewbacca Costumes

Homemade Princess Leia and Chewbacca Costumes

Princess Leia: The costume was made out of a man’s XL turtleneck, a man’s L white t-shirt, duct tape, snaps, a Yuengling bottle cap, rubber boots, white plastic/rubber spray paint, and a store bought Leia headband.

Dress: The sleeves of the turtleneck were trimmed to size, cut an an angle and the edges sewn to prevent fraying.  I then turned the shirt inside out and sewed three pleats just underneath the front of the neck. To make the slits in the side of the dress, I cut 5 inches along the shirt’s seems and then sewed the edges to prevent fraying.

Hood: The hood of the dress was made out of a man’s L white t-shirt. It was cut off just under the arms and then cut open. I turned the shirt material so that right sides were facing and wrong side was out and then sewed the bottom edge of the shirt together to form the hood. I then sewed the hood in place at the back side of the turtleneck.

Belt: Using fabric left over from the t-shirt, I cut a belt that was wider in the middle than the back and sewed the edges to prevent fraying. I cut shapes out of silver duct tape that look similar to those on the movie version of Leia’s dress. I then had a bottle of beer and used the bottle cap as the center belt medallion, by covering it with duct tape and then tapping it to the belt. I sewed snaps on the ends of the belt to keep it in place when worn over the dress.

Boots: I was only able to find black boots in my daughter’s size so I covered them with a glossy white paint made for plastics.

Chewbacca: The costume was made out of a man’s brown sweat suit with hood size L, 6 types of yarn, black and brown felt, duct tape and cardboard.

Fur Suit: To great the illusion of fur without knitting an entire suit, I started by crocheting multiple sized chains of a worsted weight brown yarn.  I then strung 3-6 strands of 6 inch and 12 inch pre-cut strips of the yarn (varying size, yarn type, and color ) through each hole along the chain, knotting the strands in place. Each crochet chain was then hand sewn along the outside of both the sweat pants and the hooded sweatshirt. The chains were staggered and spaced apart so that the loose fur strands “covered” the whole suit. I ended up using somewhere between 16 and 20 chains in all.

Bandolier: I cut a 5 inch wide and 50 inch long piece of black felt, cutting the ends to be points. I then cut a half circle and an oval out of brown felt to form the bag. I placed right sides of the felt facing each other and sewed along the edge of the half circle. When turned right side out, the portion of the oval that did not get sewn folder over to form the bag’s flap. Next, using small rings, I hand sewed each side of the bag to each side of the black felt strip at the end point.

Ammunition Cartridges: Using cardboard from an old shipping box I cut 2 different sized pieces (16 of each size). I then stacked 2 same size pieces together and wrapped them in duct tape, covering them so no brown was visible. I repeated this step for all cardboard pieces, yielding a total of 4 small cartridges and 4 large. I then spaced them apart along the front of the bandolier and tacked them in place with a 1/4 inch wide x 25 in long strip of black felt.


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