Felt Beard Instructions

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions

Gather Your Supplies

Step 1) Gather your Supplies

You will two pieces of felt sized at 11 x 8.5 inches in the beard color of your choice (I’ve decided to make my beard fuzzy so one of the pieces I am using is faux fur), elastic, straight pins, sharp scissors, needle, thread, and beard pattern.

Cut Out the Beard

Step 2) Cut Out the Beard

Pin the beard pattern to the piece of felt.  Using sharp scissors, cut along the outer edge of the beard. Remember to cut the hole for the mouth out.  Repeat this with the remaining piece of fabric.

Attach the Elastic

Step 3) Attach the Ear Pieces

Cut 2 8 inch pieces of elastic and in pin both ends to the inside of on of the pieces of fabric. Then, using thread and needle (or a sewing machine), securely tack the elastic in place so that it the elastic forms a loop large enough to slide around your ears.

Tip: before you make the final two tacks of the elastic, try the beard on to see if it will fit comfortably.

Sew the Pieces Together

Step 4) Assemble the Beard

Once the elastics are in place, pin the 2nd piece of felt to the 1st and, using thread and needle (or a sewing machine), sew the 2 pieces together

Step 5) Wear the beard!

Good Luck Beard

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