This year’s resolution: dream big craft big.

I spent the last two months disconnected from social media.  This was not intentional but rather a bi-product of what I consider to be the most craft-erfull time of the year. With the Holidays in full swing, all my free time was spent felting, sewing, making, baking, creating and crafting. After the cookies were all eaten and the presents opened I decided to continue to use my free time for “good” and kept my social media urges at bay.

I must admit, it felt strange at first to not be posting or tweeting.  However, social media separation is not new to me. Back in October, I closed my Facebook account. I was spending inordinate amounts of time reading about what “friends” were eating for dinner or where they were stuck in traffic, tending to fake farms or answering polls about what my nickname was in high school; all things that did little to enhance my daily life.

According to Nielsen’s 3rd quarter report on social media, Americans spend the majority of their time online engaging with social media applications and blogs, identifying women from New England as the most active users of social media.

Disconnecting myself from social media was a big change.  But what I got in return was something that can’t be quantified. I started dreaming again. I began tapping the creative idea-generating part of my brain. I began sketching and making supply lists for upcoming print projects. I rifled through fabric scraps and designed patterns for little stuffed friends. I read recipe book after recipe book and experimented in the kitchen with staples I found in the back of the pantry.

In those new found hours my ideas grew and my creativity flourished. I was a busy girl. It felt great to be creative again. So, I’ve made a decision. This year’s resolution: dream big craft big.


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