A Few of My Fall Favorites

In the spring I posted a list of 10 things I stumbled across online that gave me inspiration, made me laugh, or challenged my thinking. As fall transitions to winter I thought I’d once again share with you a few of my new favorite things.

  1. Facebox Stencil and Pen Kit
  2. Bring the beach with you wherever you go with Dune Jewelry’s Island Necklace.
  3. Is that a little wool owl in your pocket?
  4. All aboard the train set typography experiment!
  5. DIY Shower Curtain makes bath time fun.
  6. Scrappy Garland will be trimming my tree this year.
  7. Try your hand at KERNTYPE, the world’s only online kerning game.
  8. Create your own miniature universe inside of a light-bulb terrarium.
  9. The USB Typewriter takes your iPad back in time.
  10. I fell in love with these little Matryoshka Dolls.

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