Scotch Kiss

I curse the heavens for making me wait this long to experience pure taste-bud bliss.

Scotch Kiss (marshmallow draped in a ribbon of salty caramel)

While recently in Main on vacation, I discovered the scotch kiss at Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confectioners. I picked up a few of the wax paper wrapped candies to bring back to my staff and curiosity caused me to grab an extra for myself. I was out of the candy shop door no more than five minutes when I had to turn around and buy a 1 lb. bag to bring home.

After an exhaustive internet search I came up zero information on the origin of this delightfully salty-sweet treat. Many mom and pop candy shops across the country hand-make and sell their version of  scotch kisses. The majority of my search results pointed to blog posts and reviews of scotch kisses sold by See’s Candies out of California.

I have never tried the See’s variety so I cannot make a fair comparison but the Wilbur’s of Maine kiss is AMAZING. It is made from a 2″ x 1″ piece of marshmallow, draped in a ribbon of salty caramel (made with real heavy cream).

I am not willing to share so if you’d like to try a scotch kiss for yourself, you can order online from Wilbur’s of Maine and pick up a 2 lb. bag for just about $25 and shipping is free!


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