Pop Goes the Jelly Shot

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen - the Book!This year I tried my hand at three different jelly shot recipes. These jelly shots do not fall into the same category as those fruit flavored, sticky-sweet, grain alcohol ones you used to suck back in college. These are “grown-up” jelly shots designed by blogger Michelle Palm and can be found in her debut book Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

Sambuca Shot, Raspberry Kamikaze Shot, KeyLime Martini Shot

Both Palm’s book and her blog are not only full of fantastic jelly versions of classic cocktails, they are also jam packed with beautiful images of the finished product: pyramids of Espresso Martini Shots, Pho spoons cradling Cucumber-Lime Saketinis, and Neapolitan Jelly Shots on popsicle sticks. Everyone I showed the book too could not help but “ooh” and “ahh” with each turn of the page. Palm didn’t forget about the designated drivers and kids of the world. She even wrote a chapter focused on non-alcoholic recipes.

The book is full of techniques and tips that let you the bartender, add your own personal style to each shot by creating your own fresh garnishes or using unique and whimsical molds. If you are a nervous Nelly in the kitchen, have no fear; Palm has ranked each recipe according to it’s level of difficulty. So feel free to take it slow. Just remember, if you do decide to show up at your next get-together with a tray of jiggling treats, make sure you leave plenty of time for them to set and be prepared to hand out the recipe.


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