Christmas in June

Felted Christmas Stockings

For 3 years I have been promising my husband that I would make us Christmas stockings.  And each year, I find myself too strapped for time between, shopping, baking, wrapping, etc…  This year it will be different, my solution? Make the stockings in June.

Felted Stockings

Inspired by Warm Fuzzies by Betz White, I took a trip to the local Goodwill store and rummaged through racks looking for anything with a wool label. Spring and summer proved to be a great time to find lots of sweaters to choose from; closets get purged to make room for summer clothes and the sweaters sit on the racks since it is too hot to be wearing a lambs wool sweater to the beach.

For my husband’s stocking, I decided to use a striped jewel toned sweater for the body of the stocking, accenting it with a green heel and toe and a blue cuff. For my stocking, I chose a charcoal grey sweater for the body and used a red Icelandic patterned sweater to accent the heel and the toe, topping it of with a light grey cuff.

Betz’s pattern was so easy I’ve decided to make some stockings for my parents as well. Each stocking took only 60 minutes to make once the sweaters were hot water felted to the right size.


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