Falling in Love with Flip-Flops

Switch Floops @ Nubble Lighthouse

Switch Floops @ Nubble Lighthouse

I have never been a big fan of flip-flop, or thongs as my Mom taught me to call them growing up.  I found them uncomfortable between the toes, lacking arch support and a reason to show my feet (I am not a fan of my feet).

But, it is hard to find a summer shoe these days that is not some variation on a flip-flop. And, I am a sucker for a gimmick. Enter…Switch Flops by Lindsay Phillips. I was first introduced to these flip flops two years ago while vacationing in Maine. Since then I have purchased 2 additional pars. In addition to being extremely comfortable, what makes these summer shoes special is their versatility.

Switch Flops allow you to change the color and style of your straps. You can go from supermarket shopping to engagement dinner party with the same sandal. The secret is velcro. Each designer strap has velcro on the back side that attaches to the sandal. There are 13 styles of flip flops and over 30 strap styles to choose from.


Switch Flops are not the cheapest flip flops (MSRP $35) But for around $10 dollars you can pick up a new set of straps and end up with a completely different looking sandal. Lindsay Phillips has also created a line of ballet flats and flip flops that can be customized using snap on adornments…so cute!


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