Goodbye Sweater…Hello Owl

My biggest blog fan came across an ivory wrap sweater that had been with her for a long time; a sweater that she loved dearly.  The problem was the sweater started to loose interest in her as it slowly changed shape and began to shrink. My friend came to the difficult realization that she needed to say good-bye to the sweater. She closed her eyes, turned her head and handed it to me; hoping that her sweater would be happy with its new felted life.

And what a new life that sweater will have. I hot water washed it and then gave it a tumble in a hot air dryer to help it reach it’s final “small” size.  I am going to use the cream colored sweater as accent pieces on some felted Christmas stockings I have been wanting to make.

BUT, I also decided to surprise my friend and give her  my version of the Recycled CASHMERE Little hOOt Owl I listed in my Favorite Things. I think she will love her new sweater friend.

Sweater Owl


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