Following in Red Riding Hood’s Footsteps

Pickity Place ~ Mason, NH

Pickity Place ~ Mason, NH

Nestled in the woods of Mason, NH up a winding road, you will find Pickity Place, a quaint red cottage surrounded by a multitude of herb and flower gardens. It is this very cottage that served as the artistic inspiration for famed Children’s Illustrator Elizabeth Orton Jones’s interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. From 1948 – 1979 Golden Press’s retelling of this beloved fairy tale as a Little Golden Book, featured the vibrant and whimsical illustrations Jones was known for.

Pickity Place, a restaurant where Jones often frequented, stands today as a landmark for fair tale lovers young and old. Even the white ash tree Jones sketched still greets guests as they arrive to catch a glimpse of the wolf hiding in Grannie’s bed, enjoy a 5 course gourmet herb luncheon, or walk through the gardens.

Pickity Place Garden ~ Mason, NH

Pickity Place Garden ~ Mason, NH

This weekend my husband and daughter took me to follow in Little Red Riding Hood’s footsteps.  Upon arriving at Pickity Place, we walked thought the gardens, down well-worn foot trails and stone paths. We took a peek in the drying shed and smelled the herbs growing in the green house. After walking the grounds and visiting the herb shop, we sat down for a delightful meal.

From the red table clothes to the red riding hood memorabilia hanging on the walls, the wait staff donning homemade aprons, the smell of fresh-baked bread, and the views of the gardens, the dinning experience takes you back to a simpler time.  The food is all homemade on the property featuring homegrown herbs, edible flowers, and vegetables when in season.

Our daughter ordered from the children’s menu which offers an assortment of sandwiches, served in a wicker basket lined with a red napkin, a choice of fruit and Grandma’s homemade cookies. My husband and I started our meal with french onion dip with crackers followed by a sweet red pepper velouté garnished with watercress. The third course was a marinated asparagus salad with spring chive onion bread and sun-dried tomato basil butter. For the main course we had the beef au poivré over boursin crustini with sauteed bok choy. For dessert, we were served coconut lime mousse w/mango salsa.

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My trip to grandmother’s house was an enjoyable one full of fairy tale gardens and delectable treats.  When your path leads you to Mason, NH be sure to stop in and see the wolf for yourself.


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