I know my typographic anatomy!

Thanks to my hubby—who waited patiently for Ligature, Loop & Stem to release their new limited edition Typographic Lesson Plan—I will get my very own print!  Each silk screened print is 30″ × 22″ and printed on Somerset newsprint grey velvet finish stock in PMS313 blue, PMS185 red and white inks.  How fantastic!

Typography Lesson Plan FLight 2

Think you know your typographic anatomy? Can you tell a dot from a tittle, a shoulder from a bowl, or a unilateral serif from a beak at thirty-six points? Typographers refer to elements of a letterform using a variety of terms that align naturally to architecture and the human body—eye, ear, foot, arm, lobe, leg—and we’ve captured even more of them in this specially refashioned second flight edition of the Typographic Lesson Plan print.

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