Felted Polka-Dot Coasters

Recently, my travels led me to upstate NY where I was able to catch up with a special friend and her family. This friend deserved a special thank you from me and my husband. little Thank You gift. Through the power of Facebook, she connected my soon to be unemployed husband with a friend of hers that was looking to hire. A few weeks later and he has a new job!

And what says thank you better than hand felted coasters?

View my step-by-step needle felted coaster instructions.

3 thoughts on “Felted Polka-Dot Coasters

  1. I cannot tell you how often I think of you, Beth… each time we use the felt coasters really. So, that would be everyday then. That’s a lot of FB likes!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. those are FANTASTIC!!!! I’m so happy to know they are going to someone who will adore them and cherish them as they deserve!

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