The Edible Valentine

Candy Brownie Bites

Candy Brownie Bites

I used to love being a kid on Valentine’s Day. I always thought the classroom parties were so much fun. Now that I have a kid in kindergarten, I get to—once again— enjoy the festivities.  I sent the munchkin in today with some special homemade treats: Candy Brownie Bites.

These tasty morsels were made by baking up a traditional batch of brownies. But instead of baking in a 13 x 9 pan, I used a larger jellyroll pan. once they were cool enough to touch, I cut them out using a heart shaped cookie cutter.

After the brownie hearts were completely cool, I melted a batch of pink-tinted white chocolate. I carefully drizzled the melted chocolate over each brownie, tapping them to remove any excess candy. Before the cholocate set, I placed a traditional conversational heart in the middle of each bite.

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