Peony Cake Pops

Peony Cake Pops

Peony Cake Pops

In desperate need of a dose of spring, I chose my kiddo’s Father Daughter Dance this past weekend as a perfect opportunity to create my own edible flower garden.  The theme for this year’s dance was A Night in Paris. Since Peonies are native to southern Europe, I thought they would be a lovely addition to the dessert table.

I started the pops with crumbled cake and frosting. After I mixed it well, I formed them into uniformly sized balls and put them in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes to quickly set their shape.

While the balls were chilling, I melted white chocolate. Once the balls had chilled for 15 minutes, I dipped the sticks into the white chocolate, then inserted them into the balls. I set the balls with the stick inserted aside to let the chocolate cool, setting the ball on the stick.

I then dipped the balls into the white chocolate, carefully swirling the sticks to ensure a smooth coat. Before the chocolate hardened, I sprinkled edible pink pearls on top. To finish the pops off, I took a little help from Wilton® and pushed the pop sticks into pre-cut paper flower petals.



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