Journeyman Restaurant – a 5 course journey

The Journeyman in Somerville, MA is a fresh and verdant jewel of a restaurant located in the heart of Union Square.  With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, chef/owners Diana Kudajarova and Tse Wei Lim have created a menu of elegant, earthy, and comforting cuisine, that is served in a comfortable and unpretentious environment.

It was in the middle of last week’s snowstorm that my husband and I took our 5 course journey through the winter vegetables and meats New England has to offer.  As the snow fell down past the full length window shrouded with homegrown herbs, our table was laden with visually stunning dishes that tasted even better than they looked.

A sampling of some of the dishes that we enjoyed.

With our old-fashioneds in hand (Mine = vodka with blueberry bitters, His = corn whiskey with orange bitters) we watched as the kitchen prepared each dish. The only regret I have is that the evening had to end. Priced at only $65 pp for the 5 course meal option, Journeyman makes fine dinning affordable. Add the intimate setting and the great staff, and you have an amazing evening out.

“Our basic tenets are simple: with enough love and enough butter, anything is possible. We take joy in every bit of restaurant life, from finding our ingredients at local markets and farms around New England, to calling cabs for our guests at the end of the night. We are committed to making delicious, refined food and serving it with respect and care. We’ve tried to build restaurant that feels like home, to our staff and diners alike.” © 2010 Journeyman. All Rights Reserved.

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