The Carousel in Albany

Young and old all love a turn on a carousel. To me, what makes carousels great, is the opportunity for multiple generations to ride at the same time. A mother an her newborn sitting in Neptune’s chariot. A grandfather propping his 4 year old grandson on the black stallion. An aunt and her 12 year old niece riding side-by side on the antelope.

NYSM Carousel - Albany, NY

Riding on the NYSM Carousel - Albany, NY

What is even better is when the carousel is an antique. This past weekend my family and I took a ride on a full-sized carousel dating back to the early 1900’s @ The New York State Museum in Albany.

The carousel is complete and in good original condition. With 36 horses, two deer, two donkeys, and two ornately carved chariots, 50 people can ride at one time. The animals eyes are fashioned out of handmade glass marbles and much of the carousel is outfitted with mirrors and little jewels that glitter when caught by the light.

“Large numbers of old merry-go-rounds have passed out of existence and most of the survivors are still in use at amusement parks, with a relative few owned by collectors. Only a handful of museums have acted to preserve one of these familiar mementos of virtually every American’s childhood. The State Museum is fortunate to have been able to play a role in the preservation of this example of American folk art and popular entertainment.”
Excerpt from The New York State Museum website. Learn more about the carousel.


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